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Ruffnut's design
Topic Started: 19 Oct 2014, 22:48 (772 Views)
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Was anyone else kind of disappointed in Ruffnut's design in HTTYD2?

I remember when I saw the 1st promotional pic of Astrid and how they aged her from a teen girl to a woman, I started looking forward to seeing how they did the same with Ruffnut.

But when the pic of the twins was finally released, I was actually disappointed to see how Ruffnut still pretty much looked the same as she did in the 1st movie. Same hairstyle and everything. All that seemed to changed was that her face was more pointy.
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i dont think my avatar is working but ehh

Glad I'm not the only one. Busy right now, but I'll post a longer reason why I didn't like her design.

It's just not realistic, and it made Dreamworks look lazy. Not as lazy as Disney, but still lazy.
i'm not very active anymore!! it's sad, but i'll come back sometimes to feel nostalgic ahaha
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[color=blue]I'm just here for Snotlout.

Also if you look in The Art of How To Train Your Dragon 2 it shows her with a much cooler looking design (including chains :blink: ) and it is sad how little DW really cared for making Ruff look cool or interesting. They only really cared about Astrid and Valka since they are the "main" women.
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Dragon Egg

So, not only does Ruffnut sound exactly the same as she did five years ago, she looks exactly the same too…
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Not everyone ages as drastically as you guys may think. People can stop growing at different ages, and various things including diet and genetics can effect aging. Not everyone has to go through as massive a change as Hiccup (which in my opinion was almost a little too dramatic a growth).
Why are you reading my signature? Was my post not interesting enough?
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