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America Ferrera Was on the Merideth Veieira Show
Topic Started: 13 Feb 2015, 03:57 (1361 Views)
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Please note: I am going off memory. If any details are slightly off I apologize. Also I am going off a recording for some parts.

Edit: the httyd part of the interview has has basically been shunned from media. Merideth vieirra did not include the segment on her YouTube channel nor is there any mention of it on how to train your dragons Facebook page nor any news reports or other YouTube videos. I can only assume this is because America gave away a spoiler. I have it on my recordings in case you need proof that she mentioned httyd. I have given a detailed account if her entire segment below along with all the videos I could find.

I got to watch it but only saw the ad like 20 minutes before the show came on yesterday. She didn't talk much about dragons, just about how the female industry should have more female actors, more female people producing movies, etc and more people of color in the industry. She started off talking about how people still remembered her as ugly betty, and how she loved working in that franchise and is glad people remember it. She talked about sisterhood of the traveling pants next, then lastly dragons for just a few short minutes. During talks about her other movie she talked how she had formed strong bonds with the cast of the sisterhood of the traveling pants movie, how a third one is in the works, and how she had been 20 at the time and is now 30. She also talked about how most female actors she knows are supportive women with integrity who stand by and support other actresses, rather then the scandals we hear about.

She talked about her husband who was her high school sweetheart and how she came from a family of six kids.. and got asked if she ever had any pressure to have babies; to which she replied "Only from talk shows." mentioning that "Every woman has that pressure whether from culture, families. Its just something you think about." Turns out her mother is named America, so she was asked if she would name a kid America. She joked only if it was a boy, but got serious and said that it was a tough name as a kid and she wasn't sure she could do that to her own future children; mentioning that people turned to face her rather then the flag during the pledge allgiance and how nicknames were hard for her how some called her "Bank of" for short, and how she prefered to go by Georgina as a kid and prefered boy-ish names for girls.

She talked about how she loved Astrid because "I love that she's a girl who's in middle the action and for me its fun to play that and watch the young girls in my life watch an action adventure and see a girl in the middle of the fun not just standing by watching the boys have fun. I love that about Astrid she is so kick ass if I may say.. am I allowed to say that? " to which merideth sad "its america! You can say whatever you like!" Basucally america said how she liked her because she was a strong female character. Merideth made a comment that she wished Astrid would look more like her.. "One thing that makes me mad; I wish she looked more like you. Rather then blonde hair, blue eyes."

"I don't know if vikings look like me" America said to which Merideth said "I don't care! We don't know what they looked like!" And then America explained that they had already made Astrid's character when she auditioned and they had been open minded enough to cast her, ending with "And we'll work on adding more brown haired brown eyed vikings.. maybe in the third movie."

Thats about all I can remember. I quoted the stuff from the HTTYD part from a recording. Yes, I recorded it. XD


Found a couple clips! Sadly Merideth Vieira did not post any of the HTTYD 2 part in it. =(

America on Latina's:

America on Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants:

EDIT: I can't find any news reports anywhere about the HTTYD part of her interview; sadly the sisterhood sequel took all the credit for the interview mostly, with HTTYD 2 not even mentioned in news articles. If you want, I can record it off my tablet and post it with you guys, but I don't really want to do that.
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Honestly, there's really no reason for HTTYD 2 to get much attention in that sort of interview. The film's out and gone now, and the third film's a long way off. Honestly, that's probably the only reason that part of the interview isn't on YouTube. I'm certainly not seeing anything that could be considered a spoiler in your summary.
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