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Heathers Absence in HTTYD2
Topic Started: 22 Jul 2016, 04:25 (1615 Views)
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So I did a little poking around to make sure there wasnt a similar thread recently, and came up empty handed, but if I missed it please forgive me and direct me to it... but anyways...

So I had a thought as to where heather may be during HTTYD 2. She could be holding down Dragons Edge or otherwise operating from there. I get the feeling she is still part of the group at the time of HTTYD 2 and she didn't 'fly the coup' after RTTE season 4, and decided to stay with the group.

I recall seeing someone thinking that she could be the Berserker chief too.... so feel free to discuss that as well

Anyone else have any thoughts or other theories?
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Heather simply doesn't exist in the main storyline, she's a child of the TV series. I think she'll disappear by the end of RTTE, maybe even sooner.
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There's definitely going to be a write off point for Heather at some point in the show. Will it be she goes back to rule over the berserkers by herself, Goes back with Dagur to rule over them together, or goes off on her own to look for her father Oswald the Agreeable remains to be seen. Personally considering I'm certain the show hasn't killed off Dagur yet, and Heather's personality as more of a loner. I'd say she goes off in search of her father.
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If that topic isn't covered by the end of RTTE, perhaps it will be in Serpent's Heir, since it is cowritten by Dean DeBlois and Richard Hamilton (of RTTE). :)
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Dunno what to say here.....

I believe she'll become Chief (or, Chieftess) of the Berserkers, since... Well...
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Heather the Berserker
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*ahem* Sorry, just had to let that out... maybe I should go whack a tree or something...
But seriously. I agree with EveryEmpirFalls, Heather is most likely just back at Dragon's Edge. RttE will go right up to the beginning of httyd2, o quite possibly something happened, and the main Dragon Riders had to go home to Berk, but left Heather and Dagur to hold down the fort at the Edge.
We'll just have to wait and see, but meanwhile let's be reasonable. XP
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