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John Powell not returning for HTTYD3
Topic Started: 10 Jun 2014, 19:40 (5525 Views)
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Deblois added that he’s currently working on the storyline for the third installment of the franchise. Composer John Powell will not, however, join for the third-act since he will be taking a sabbatical to relax and spend more time with his teenager.
Taken from this article
Also confirmed here by Kristen's tumblr post

I understand why he wants to have a break from composing, but it'll be really sad not to have his score on the final movie. :'(( His wonderful music is such a big part of this fandom too. I'm nervous about who is going to step in place.

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...I wish this was some kind of huge horrible practical joke....how sad! :'(
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Wonder who will be composing the next score ^o)

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I think there is a possibility for him to come back.... BUT before that he needs the time off that's for sure. In a year and a half another news saying he might come back is still possible.
Thing is right now he wants some time off, so give it to him, I'm hoping for Dean and Bonnie to talk to him and convince him once the 3rd movie is almost done. Many things can change until 2016.
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That's too bad, but he will take the time off to write a WWI oratorio called "Moltke".

“It’s time for me to try and find my voice in a purely musical sense, rather than my voice in the context of a film to see if I can create something that would be unique,” [Powell] says. “All I can do is follow the fetishes of my taste. So it may not be radically unusual or different, but it will hopefully have a voice.”

From this Variety article.
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I'm very disappointed :( For me he is a one of the most important part of HTTYD. Like Howard Shore and LOTR or John Williams and Star Wars...
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"Oh, great, now we're gonna have to do the rest of this with Danny Elfman..."
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I think his semi-serious interview with Spitfire Audio (includes foul language, published Apr. 7 2013 as far as I can tell from searching) hinted at this sabbatical/retirement, basically implying film score is a lower form of art than pure concert music (which, a lot of the time, it is). As far as I know, he did only two films 2012, and none 2013, so there was also the reduction in his involvement with film, which... interpret it however you may.

But the Wikipedia page on Powell still lists that he will work with Zimmer for Kung Fu Panda 3, so I'm also skeptical.
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If you just heard a large crack, that was my heart breaking. :'(
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