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What would ruin it for you?
Topic Started: 24 Jul 2015, 11:22 (2259 Views)
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Okay, so it's safe to assume we are all waiting for HTTYD 3 to arrive(And also hoping it won't get delayed... again) and we're all going to be there once the movie comes out in order to finish this adventure.

But then I thought about something. Now, I'm of course believing we would get a good final product that we could hopfully look back at and think "Glad we stuck through this journy"; but what if we won't get that? I hate to be that guy (Because I'm not much of a pessimistic... most of the time) but we have to take into account the possibility that something could go wrong somewhere in HTTYD 3's story. So let us share our small fears and ask, what would ruin the movie for you?

I want to point out; box office preformance, Oscars, stuff that has nothing to do with the actual plot of the movie don't matter here. What we are disscussing here is what would have to happen in this movie that will make you go insane/declare it a bad finish to a strong franchise? This doesn't have to be based on stuff we already know will happen, just any minor concern you might have.

To me; I'm afraid of the possibility that the ending won't be as satisfying as it should be. You know that thing about shows that go for a long time and then all of the sudden the finale ends up sucking to the point you start hating the entire show and the way you made in order to get to the ending? That's what I'm afraid of. We know this is most likely going to end with Hiccup and Toothless parting ways, but what if the reason for this feels half-assed? What if it will leave us with the feeling that they TRY to make us feel sad instead of them actually MAKING us feel sadand failing at it? This is my main concern.

Also, I hope the word "prophecy" isn't in this script. If it is, I would be so annoyed. If a prophecy can exist in this world, then bringing it in during the last movie would just bad writing.

These are my concernes. What about you guys?
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I just have one thing that I don't want HTTYD 3 to be: I don't want Toothless to find a female Night Fury, and for it to be his girlfriend, or a scene showing Hiccup and Astrid's marriage. I'm okay with it being mentioned, though.

Aside from that, I don't mind what happens in HTTYD 3- well, I wouldn't like it if Drago's character development, backstory and screen-time wasn't expanded on.
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Toothless running off with a female Night Fury would probably make me get up and leave the theater.

Anyways, I think that as long as they put as much effort into this one as they did with the others, and don't do something completely idiotic like introduce magic or make the dragons talk (among other things), the ending will be fine. ^^
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I agree with the fact that they can't just go adding random things into the last film, such as magic, prophecies, or a female night fury. I was a bit disappointed that they decided to include hypnosis in Race to the Edge, and hope that it is not filtered through into the third film.

I would also be slightly disappointed if other Night Furies were introduced. In my opinion Toothless should be the only one, but if other Night Furies did make an appearance, although I wouldn't like it, it would not ruin the franchise for me. (Although as said above, if Toothless ran off with a female Night Fury and forgot about Hiccup, that would.)

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If that whole glowing thing at the end of HTTYD 2 isn't explained properly. It was too magical (the magical power of friendship saves the day cliche) and HTTYD 3 is the last opportunity they'll have to make it realistic as everything else in this universe.
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I dont want to see a female nightfury and I dont want Stoick to have somehow survived.
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As others have said before. Toothless leaving hiccup with a female night fury I wouldn't like. I hope they don't find other night furies. I want Toothless to be the only one. That would make him unique. As much as I like stoick, I hope they don't bring him back somehow. That would ruin it for me.
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Having some even more powerful dragon than Red Death, Bewilderbeast.

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Some gross cliché ending.
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I think that the chance of introducing new night furies is slim to none. Look at it this way: There are two features, four or five short films, and a quarter of a third season of a TV show where the main premise is exploring and discovering new dragons. If there were night furies to be found, it would have happened by now, and, in my opinion, it would have happened in the film franchise because that's where the bulk of the money and attention comes from. Toothless has been established as an extremely special and powerful dragon, especially after challenging the bewilderbeast in HTTYD 2, and since most of us agree that a new night fury would turn us away from the franchise, it's clear that it would be a foolish decision to incorporate that into the plot. But if it does happen, I'm walking away with you.

Besides that, I can't really think of anything that would disappoint me. I trust DeBlois with the third film- the interviews I've read have convinced me that he has at least as much passion and love for the series as most of us fans do, and we've seen in the previous movies that he's capable of writing absolute masterpieces. Whether it be Drago's return, Hiccup as an adult, his marriage to Astrid, parting with Toothless, or all of the above, I'm thoroughly looking forwards to the final installment.

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