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Possible Leaked Images? O...M...G...!?
Topic Started: 27 Sep 2016, 03:37 (671 Views)
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Now I know at least a couple of these might be fake, especially the night fury ones... but the first few...

Well they look a little TOO good to be fake.

Unless this person found some pretty good artwork and put it in there...


Let's just see what YOU think...

SPOILERS. EFFING SPOILERS. You've been warned.



EDIT: Turns out these are all photo manipulations done by the same artist, hiccstrid_clan.

We thank you for starting an epidemic of people believing these were leaked images...

Judging by the 27+ k views in counting.

Well, if you wanted to see more good photo manips, here's her profile.

I don't doubt people will keep trying to pass these off as leaked images, and some (like me) will buy into it.

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Before even reading your edit I figured some of these were fake(At one picture Astrid's hair just screames photoshop). But, those were really good fakes! Hell, I wouldn't mind seeing Hiccup and Astrid look like this in the actual movie!

Great job by the artist.

For a second I thought we'll have a topic for this week's Berkcast but if that's fake, I'm keeping to the plan... Still awesome though
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Pretty good edits, but so obviously edits. I've seen enough fakes to know.... :-P
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I can see how some people think this is real, it would be cool to see the gang all grown up and hicstrid have a child of their own but i think that would make a good httyd 4 lets not rush this too much i want more tv shows to watch while i wait hahaha

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