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Elusive Mate for Toothless
Topic Started: 16 Nov 2017, 17:08 (590 Views)
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You heard that right, there is another night fury in HTTYD 3. And it is a female, a potential mate for Toothless. It was confirmed in the last delay announcement when they leaked the storyline of the movie.

Here's what we know so far.

Drago Bludvist will be back for HTTYD 3, and will become a more complex villian
An elusive, untamed night fury, who is also a potential mate for Toothless, will draw Toothless away.
Tensions rise as both Hiccup and Toothless struggle to do what is right for their kind
The story will come to a point where we see Hiccups coming of age and ability to stand on his own
The dragons will disappear, and questions as to why and if they will be back will be answered

Less complex spoilers include..

Possibility that Eret son of Eret hunted night furies, as he recognized Toothless and had thought they had seen the last of them
Drago Bludvist wears a cloak made of different dragon scales and dragon hide
The Bewilderbeast was not killed, but simply dominated
Valka has seen a night fury before, and had thought that Toothless was the last of his kind
Toothless has the ability to heat up his body with plasma
Toothless also has the ability to make tight turns by splitting his spines

From the shows

The isle of night, although it turned out to be fake, might hold some truth to it
The isle where dragons go to die is missing night fury skeletons, which means they go somewhere else to have their final resting place
They have echolocation

From the first movie

Night furies had rarely been seen, due to their dark scales and only coming out at night, indicating they are nocturnal
Night furies have been seen, if not rarely, by the people of Berk as the town seemed to know it when they saw a night fury, although they could have just recognized the iconic blast as the dragon was about to fire
Stoick knew more about dragons then he let on, as he was able to force Toothless to lead him to the queens nest
We got out first hint at the control alphas have over dragons, starting with a humming that somehow makes them uncomfortable and distorts their vision and hearing

From the second movie
The alpha is able to control all dragons against their will, similar to hypnosis, or more likely by distorting their senses and bringing out their more raw, wild instincts of fight or flight
Dragons will obey their alpha, either out of fear or respect

What do you think guys?
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Lone Dragon

There was actually a topic where we discussed the log-line that was released when that delay was announced.
(Link to it if you want to have a read: http://forums.berksgrapevine.com/topic/30092179/1/ )

The log-line itself for anyone who might want or need it:
“As Hiccup fulfills his dream of creating a peaceful dragon utopia, Toothless’ discovery of an untamed, elusive mate draws the Night Fury away. When danger mounts at home and Hiccup’s reign as village chief is tested, both dragon and rider must make impossible decisions to save their kind.”

It's worth noting it's never specified what dragon it is. The easiest assumption would be a female Nightfury yes, and probably the most correct one as well. But I always feel it's worth remembering the other possibilities as slim as they may be you can never tell what might come up. ;)

Is this supposed to be a collection of different info we have though? Not exactly sure what it is you're after discussion wise. Responding to the log-line itself, most of my thoughts on this we went over in this Berkcast episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N__aHQ_ ... e=youtu.be (yes a shameless self promotion :P )

I don't know if I'd say Eret hunted Nightfuries, I feel like most of them were gone/hunted before his time. On the forums somewhere in the past I had brought up the idea that Nightfuries used to be somewhat more common then they are now. Or that they were a dragon that traveled/got around a fair amount. Which is why so many people have heard/know of them at this point. I've leaned more towards they traveled/moved around a lot theory myself.

In general I've never really been one for showing more Nightfuries though. To me, it just doesn't feel like something we need to see or have, to get closure ya know. I'd actually be curious to hear why people are so invested in getting to see more of them though.
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