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Non-spoiler reviews
Topic Started: 12 Jan 2019, 23:01 (1418 Views)
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Here's a good place to post non-spoiler reviews for those of us dying to know more but not dying enough to check out spoilers. :P I'd love to read a bunch of non-spoiler reviews all at once.
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Cape Starling

I loved it. The soundtrack was amazing, but that was only to be expected. I cried.

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What should I put here..

It was a great movie and was a good sendoff for the franchise, the animation is amazing and a huge step above HTTYD 2 which was suprising! The music is great although I feel it lacks its uniqueness compared to HTTYD 1. Overall the movie is a great film and Dean did an astounding job ending the trilogy and universe of hiccup and toothless in a great sendoff, rather than milking it like other shows.
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