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Taking a look at the background Light Furies
Topic Started: 16 Jun 2019, 11:16 (1786 Views)
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So, I decided to look at the background Light Furies in the Hidden World and point out how they differ from the main Light Fury and theorize what that might mean for the canon Light Fury species.

First up, the one that flies up and then falls back when Toothless and the main LF are about to swoop down.

Right off the bat we can notice some differences here...most notably the pointier tail fins. The wings also look to less smooth, and this Light Fury also seems to have longer ear plates. While some have said that these differences are down to motion blur and/or the angle, I really don't think they are, especially the pointier tail fins.

A lot of people seem to theorize that this is a male Light Fury, and that Light Furies (and possibly Night Furies) display sexual dimorphism...which would suck, because I mean, having females have heart shaped tails, weirdly smooth wings, and smaller sensory organs (because yeah, ear plates actually have uses, they aren't just there for display). Please no. Even though I hated the idea I still agreed at first that this was probably intended to be a male Light Fury considering some of the reasoning behind the main Light Fury's design, and I was pretty annoyed...but then...I remembered...


Yeah, remember that other Light Fury that everyone thought was a male that was in the second trailer? I finally decided to go look at more screencaps of it now that the actual movie is out, and those extra few seconds that weren't in the trailer really help show just how much larger its ear plates are compared to the main Light Fury's and how its head/face isn't as rounded and does't seem to be as smooshed in...
Anyway, if you go by the "male Light Furies have pointier tail fins and wings" then it's a female!

Look at this buff queen!!! I remember when the first trailer came out and I was like "yeah idc what anyone says that's a mother with her adolescent offspring", and y'all it makes me so happy to feel like that might have been the intention...but, if I'm being completely honest with myself it's probably more likely that it's supposed to be a male Light Fury even if it is beside a younger Light Fury. Especially considering that in things released around the time of the first movie, there are bulkier dragons with different features that certainly seem like they're intended to be males, such as this Nadder from GotNF:

HOWEVER, with all that in mind, I'd like to present another theory I feel might be at least somewhat true, and makes me much happier than the alternatives: That there's some variation within Light Furies and other species such as Deadly Nadders, and that traits like longer ear plates, pointier tail fins, less smooth wings, etc. for Light Furies, or having an underbite, longer spines, etc. for Nadders are not due to sexual dimorphism. This helps explain why a lot of the male Nadders and Gronckles we've seen look the exact same as the females, why Fishlegs originally thought Meatlug was a male (even though I imagine Berk didn't know <i>that</i> much about dragons when GotNF happened, I still think a few months had to have passed at the very least, and have you seen one of those buffer/bigger Gronckles? lol), and the differences between the Light Furies.

I'd like to finish this off by saying that personally, this makes me even more disappointed with the Light Fury. It doesn't matter which of these theories you believe in, they all show the same thing...

...that the filmmakers were so obsessed with making the Light Fury appear feminine that they gave her the most "feminine" features possible for her already very "feminine" looking species, like they literally took the time to design these background Light Furies and give them more interesting features and less ridiculous looking designs than the main Light Fury even though we see them for around 2 seconds. Seriously, DreamWorks/Dean?

anyway who's gonna make an OC that’s a buff female light fury with pointier wings and tail fins
i know i am
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