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HTTYD 4 & 5 !!! (Good Reasons for it)
Topic Started: 27 Sep 2019, 11:15 (2139 Views)
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"Rhowrl" Hey my dear Fighter´s, its Blackburn the Irish Alpha here.

Yeah, okay maybe i may be new here but i was been around here and checking BG for any kinds of Info´s over the last years. Now i just decided to made and create me a own Profile here to speak about the things i know and the rest of the whole HTTYD WORLD don´t ! - Well, so let´s begin. - Okay, do you really think its over after THW ? - Well, i´m not surly i´m not happy with our 3rd one at all and its not perfect even its a dang awesome Masterpiece. But sadly, HIDDEN WORLD has a lot of Problems to deal with. Only see and take the whole dang Plot Holes and Logic Failures compered to the whole Series (RIDERS / DEFENDERS and RTTE), and then our first 2 Movies, and to the whole Specials they was made over the last years. (GotNF / DotDR / TDB (Book of Dragons) / LotBKN / Legends), well the things we have seen and learned are nothing worth anymore in the 3rd one. Plus, there are so many dang things and reasons for more Movies instead of Ending the whole Franchise with something like this ? Sry, but just nope that can´t be. So now to my reasons they i have that prove that we will get a 4th or even a 5th Movie as well.

We just need a Movie showing the Next Generation is growing up and how the Story GOES ON after THW has ended. Because, it just can´t stay how it is and how it has ended in the Epilog of the 3rd one. Well, when DreamWorks is showing us that there is a Next Generation rising and spreading their Wings now. So freakn common yeah, my dear Fighter´s ? This is only the 1st Reason, the thing with the Night Light´s > Dusk, Dawn and Eclipse (Yeah the 3 have gotten Official Names) unlike her Mother which don´t gets her Original CANON Name she freaking has in the dang BOOKS of COWELL, and now guess what´s her name. - Right ! Its no other than LUNA !!! - Alright and now to 2nd thing and reason, why we will get a 4th or even a 5th Movie someday.

2nd Reason and Fact: TOOTHLESS´s BACKSTORY (Before HTTYD 1)
Okay, and now we come to this theme here. Well, this was announced by DWA itself some years ago that the 3rd one will base on and clear this Mystery we all still want to know. And what they have done ? Right, not that what they have said once they was planning to do.... -sigh-

3rd Fact and Reason: TOOTHLESS IS NOT THE LAST ONE (Not the Last Night Fury)
It can´t be that Toothy our migthy Alpha Dragon King, is the freaking last one of his kind. That´s so B******* (sry), but common even his Girl Luna (Mrs. Light Fury) was and is not the last one of her kind. Plus i just can´t imagine me, that Toothy is the last one. Remember, no one ever has survived a meeting with a NF. Mh, how managed Grimmel this when we´ve learned in the 1st One that every meeting with a NF is absolute Deadly ? - This can´t be that only one little Human should have hunted every NF down really ? - No, no that´s B******* sry. Tssss, how can this be when all NF´s are the smartest Dragons of them all mh ? how ? can someone explain me that ? I guess not, cause its just UNLOGIC what Grimmel says ´´Oh i hunted every single NF down´´ yeah yeah, sure totally... NOT ! Plus, only remember on the Movies and the Series, that was so many times themed. Even the 2 Final Episode´s of RIDERS (Season 1) was based and focused on this Theme, so common just common yeah ? again. What i trying to say is, the idea for something like this. ´´That Toothy is NOT THE LAST ONE´´ was already there, remember on the Isle of Night. A Island full of NIGHT FURY´s !!! to show more NF´s in the Series and also this was said by Hiccup itself in the beginning of the 2nd One. ´´maybe we will find a other Night Fury someday, this would be something´´ and there was meaned, really and truly meaned a BLACK FURY and not an freakn WHITE FURY (ALBINO). So just face it, its just the true and this all are dang facts !

4th Reason and Fact: PLOT HOLES & LOGICAL FAILURES !!!!
The 3rd one, don´t even solve the biggest questions we all had over the last 9 freaking years of our beloved HTTYD Franchise. The 3rd Movie is a disaster in many ways, and sure its a Masterpiece but it has its Fails and things i need to talk about. >:(

5th Reason for now: HUGE SUCCESS !!!
That the 3rd One has such huge success, in every Cinema this year. So DWA has to give us more than this !!!

So what do you think my dear Fighter´s ? :ermm:

Blackburn Cave !
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"Rhowrl" Hey my dear Fighter´s, and what´s up ?

Yeah here´s no other than your good old Irish Alpha Blackburn Cave right in Person, well you should know me 8) ;)
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Okay, firstly, watch the language. This is supposed to be a PG forum. >:(
Secondly (and far less importantly), I (personally) find your grammar very hard to follow. ^)

Now as for getting a fourth, and possibly a fifth, movie, that almost certainly is not going to happen. Dean DeBlois, as director, has said that Hiccup and Toothless' story has ended (save for the possibility of a live-action remake). He has also said that he doesn't like sequels, which I can respect. I mean, just look at what has happened to Star Wars, for example. :X

Now, although there might be a possibility of somehow continuing the story with a different director, I don't think I'd want that. It would (most likely) feel too different, and not like HTTYD.

Addressing your points, I'd guess that the upcoming short, HTTYD: Homecoming, will be showing that "Next Generation". By the way, where did you get the info about the Dusk Furies' (since I refuse to call them by the official name, which I find rather ridiculous) official names?

Moving on to your second point, I would like to see something about that. I don't seem to recall it being "announced by DWA itself some years ago that the 3rd one will base on and clear this Mystery we all still want to know", but I would like to get Toothless' backstory. Maybe that will happen in HTTYD: Homecoming, too? I don't have high hopes for this, but it would be nice. :)

Your third point has already been pointed out by other fans, and I do kinda agree. However, do remember that "The Isle of Night" was just a trick by Mildew and the Outcasts to capture Hiccup and Toothless. It had no foundation in actual fact.

I'll just pass on your fourth point, because I didn't really see that? The only thing that got to me was the potential for mechanical failures on the tail.

As for your fifth and final point, while that might be true (and it wouldn't really surprise me if they tried to milk more revenue out of the series), I don't think I'd want/support that, for the reasons I addressed up top.
But, these are just my thoughts (that got really, really, really long :blink: ). Welcome to the Vine, Blackburn, and enjoy your stay! :D
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"Rhowrl" Thanks for agree with my opinion and view in some points, and yeah i know what you talking about. And sry if its hard to follow the gramma for you :( , but to be honest i never heard of something like ´´Homecoming´´ i mean we are not by Marvel or DC here. Yeah, i also know that our beloved Franchise has a lot in common with STAR WARS. But in my Eyes DeBlois is a dang Fool without Brain, since over 5 Years and the 2nd Movie i critic him. I also know that DeBlois said ´´I´m allergic to Sequels´´ but why he made a Trilogy then ? Hm ? Sounds very strange to me, and Disney (Copyney) killed STAR WARS with Episode VIII. DeBlois also said that he would leave it to DWA if they was planning to do more Movies in the Future, cause he only wants his Trilogy. I also compare STAR WARS with HIDDEN WORLD a lot of times, and i really see your point here. - Sure, the Isle of Night was a Trap by Mildew and Alvin in the Series (Season 1 - Riders) in the 2 Final Episodes. I just wanted to remind on that fact, that DWA already has the idea showing us more NF´s in the Series but they never done it sadly. I´m also not happy with LUNA (Mrs. Light Fury) i really can´t stand her out, she´s so dang unepic. Sry if i´m using some hard words sometimes. i´m sry about that. Every other Director (Dude who´s making the Regie) would be better than that Fool DeBlois, even Art Brown and Douglas Sloan. I bet that even Chris Sanders would create a better Story for the 3rd One than DeBlois it did, just another reminder. The 3rd was already finished back in 2016 and announced for the Summer of 2016, to be honest i really would Love and Like a Story or Movie including Dusk, Dawn and Eclipse (The Night Lights) because i really like them. I also guess that RESCUE RIDERS will going to suck completely, because its a Series for Pre-School Kids from 2 - 6 Years. I also feeling me traited and joked by DWA for this, instead of aging with the whole community since they did that over the last 9 years. NO ! Why should DWA do that, when they can Ruin everything now with the 3rd One THW :'( - To come back to Tail Fin theme, here there´s also a Unlogic thing at all. Yeah you said it, do you know that our dear Toothy can´t Flight without Hiccup ? Soooo, there´s a LOGICAL FAILURE. That means he´s cursed to be on the ground forever after THW, and yeah i know that our Berkians still know where´s the HIDDEN WORLD. This brings me to a other theme i need to talk about, what´s about Dagur´s and Heather´s Dragons ? Sluzier and Windfang ? What´s about them ? :huh: Remember we don´t see anyone of this Kind in the HIDDEN WORLD as well, we also only have only one Stormcutter (Cloudjumper) in the whole Franchise. Annnnnd what´s about a ´´Main Land´´ ? - This can´t be a WORLD with only Islands and a Huge Ocean, this all are questions they i have. Well, let´s say how it is. HTTYD is not done yet, even DeBlois wants that. Its a Fact !!!

#HTTYDISLIFE !!! :toothless:

Peace, and thanks for welcoming me my dear Fighter :D
Blackburn Cave !
"Rhowrl" Hey my dear Fighter´s, and what´s up ?

Yeah here´s no other than your good old Irish Alpha Blackburn Cave right in Person, well you should know me 8) ;)
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