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Rescue Riders Plot
Topic Started: 24 May 2019, 17:14 (533 Views)
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So now that HTTYD films are over.. and personally i prefered the first and second over the third. Rescue Riders is looming over the horizon. Apparently it's meant to be set in parallel to the story of HTTYD 3. Do you think we'll see characters that we saw on Race To The Edge in this show? Perhaps they're rescuing dragons as Hiccup and Co are fighting Grimmel.
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Dean has said it has nothing to do with the main HTTYD characters and universe IIRC. The dragons talk as well. So, I doubt it.

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One interesting thought I had was that they could have decided to make it much more Book-universe like, which does indeed have talking dragons. However from what we know so far it sounds like that's not at all what they're doing, which is a shame, and a missed opportunity in my view.
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Yeah from what I know Rescue Riders is made for a younger audience and it's set in an AU where the dragons talk, it doesn't have much to do with the main HTTYD universe. With that being said, I'm actually hoping it turns out to be decent for older viewers/fans of the main franchise lol. I really dislike HTTYD 3, I'm not the biggest fan of RTTE (especially the later seasons), and I find the graphic novels, comics, and games pretty "meh" even though they do have nice moments sometimes...it's been a while since I've watched/read/played any HTTYD content I truly enjoyed so yeah, I'm somewhat unironically looking forward to Rescue Riders lol.

@Hictooth Yeah that would have been cool. I've only read the first book myself but from what I know the rest of the books are also good, it would have been cool to see some of the stuff from them adapted into a TV show. Who knows though, it may turn out to be more book-like than we expect!
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So apparently, it's more like the kids learn to speak to the dragons. Maybe they'll pull it off it a way that it feels more like the books?

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I hope so! That would vastly improve it, I think. :)
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I'm guessing the 26 x 22 is 26 episodes of 22 minutes plus the 3 specials at 44 minutes. That seems quite a lot of content compared to most 1st "pilot" seasons...
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"Rhowrl" Okay, what in Thor´s and Odin´s Name is this Dump ?!?!?! - Its even worser than expected, worser than RTTE & THW ever had could become. - Damn, how you people can be happy and hype that dump there ? Its the biggest Trash DWA ever produced, and they made a lot of trash back over the last Years. But this here right now ? NO !!! Just No !!! That´s to much, really: Everything already has started to go down and getting killed by DWA since the middle of RTTE (Season 3 > For me RTTE is just only 1 Season and not more Seasons in One, its also so stupid if you ask me, sry own opinion my dear Fighters - Peace !). I will not watch this kind of Insult, because i´m actualy thinking that THW was an Insult and a Punch right into our Faces from DWA to us after this damn years. This is the way how DWAnimation is saying ´´thank you´´ to us for our Loyality after all this damn Years. (Nearly one freaking decade) - The Characters really sucks, their designs looks like stupid, silly, cheapy Hybrid Characters. Dear Heavens, how could DWA ever do something like that with us ? I don´t get it, i really hope so much that DWA will fall on their stupid DeBlois sick Faces and find themselfs a Brain finally. Really i´ve seen a lot of trash already, but this, this ? This is a new Kind of Trash, this Series just hurts to see and just let you feel so much shame and pain about it. This is something you can´t be proud of as a FAN (DRAGON) of HTTYD, cause this Series has really nothing to do anymore in any kind or anyway with the good old ORIGINAL HTTYD what all have seen back in 2010 and what we all and love. Face It, its the sad true.... :( :'( - I also don´t accept it as a freaking Spinoff, in fact it isn´t one. Its just a freak´n insult, and punch into our faces. A Hit right in the middle of our DragonHearts, i never will forgive DWA that Series and this Mistake.

>It´s my own Opinion and View about it, so peace everyone my dear Fighter´s.<
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