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Season 3 Expectations
Topic Started: 21 Jun 2014, 17:47 (2925 Views)
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So Season 3 of DreamWorks Dragons is confirmed, as is Season 4. W all hopefully know this by now...

I made this topic based off of a post I saw on tumblr last night when I was up with my friends at the beach, and we just made a list of what we expected, or rather; I did while they asked me if I would press that button! xD [it's a fun internet game, look it up.]

So, what are you guys expectations for Season 3 of DreamWorks Dragons, as in what do you hope to see while waiting for this new season and finally watching the episodes?

Huge Expectations

I hope to see some physical growth in the characters. It doesn't have to be something huge, but I'd love to see Hiccup being just a tad taller, like an inch or two above Astrid. He's 5'1'' in the first movie and the TV series, if you're wondering. I'm not so sure about Astrid, but in the second movie she is 5'8''. So he doesn't have to be the exact height he is in Dragons 2 [6'1'']. I'd also love to see Fishlegs' weight. xP

We have got information about them having different outfits, and I think it would be good if they used the concept art outfits or something related to them. But those are big expectations, because DreamWorks has a specific amount of money for materials of this season so yea... xP

And the rise of Berk, like it's growth with the wooden perches, stables, etc.

Other Random Expectations
1. Older Dagur c:
2. Other/new/old enemies, both Vikings and Dragons.
3. Hiccup's love for exploring
4. Stoick wanting Hiccup to take over and coaching him... xP
5. Gothi, because she's a good character to add for comedy. I can't believe she's alive in the second movie. Damn! :blink: She has to be like 90 'er something! I'd like to see her just training all the Terrible Terrors and being the crazy terror woman. xD
6. How Fishlegs got those dragon cards and whatnot...
7. Hiccup's leg and fire sword, which we were promised of the origin of his sword and I think his flight suit, but I'm not so sure... ;-;
8. Astrid's braiding obsession for Hiccup's hair. xD
9. The saddles...
10. Other people in Berk with dragons
11. Older Gustav. xP
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Lady DragonKeeper
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^ Agree about the above.

1. Yes! I just found out who Dagur's VA is, so besides being stunned, I'm glad we'll see more of him.
3. Yeah, maybe show how or when he starts making his map.
4. Hints at it, at least ... Though in the movie, it seemed to be a recent (within a year) development or at least maybe since he was 18?
7. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the press release mentioned the flight suit and sword. His new leg would be good --the tv show has him using Gobber's design, right? Maybe it could work in with your height thing: Hiccup gets a growth spurt and has to build a new leg. It's been done a lot in fanfic, LOL.
8. Yes! That could be really adorable ...
11. Gustav and introducing some younger characters could be good ...

I'm also interested in seeing the new character designs. Reminds me a bit of what they did in Star Wars: The Clone Wars ... I think they updated their character models in season three also?

I'm a huge Hiccup/Astrid fan, so I'm dying to see some "Hiccstrid" but I'm also super apprehensive, because the writing on the show has been hit or miss so far. I really love the comfortable chemistry they have in the second film, so seeing their relationship mature from close friends to something more romantic would be amazing, but I'm just not sure if the tv show can pull it off (especially since it seems to be aimed at younger children). Even the Avatar/Korra series seems to have trouble writing romantic relationships recently ...

How about how Gobber and Stoick got their new dragons?
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I'd like to see most of the stuff you said. New designs, questions answered, etc.

I'd love to see them introduce more dragons! :D
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Berserk Shieldmaiden
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I wanna see older Dagur. I'd love to see some redemption for him too.

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Rocky Rose
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I would love to see how the Berk we had left at the end of season 2- evolved to the Berk we see at the beginning of the sequel :)
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I'd love a scene where Astrid is on the brink of death and Hiccup is really worried about her. That would be adorable <3
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Yes, I ship Dagur and Hiccup.

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I want to see Thornado come back

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I want to see the skrill again.
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1. The Return of Scauldy
2. The Return of Torch
3. The Return of Thornado
4. The Return of The Skrill
5. Older Gustav
6. New Dragons
7. Valka and all moves to berk and we get to see her?
8. Toothjumper (Cloudjumper and Toothless)
10. More Eret!
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