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Season 2 Episode names?
Topic Started: 29 Sep 2015, 05:19 (562 Views)
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The Skrill of all Skrills...

While browsing IMDb I found a few things of interest.
They have released three episode names from season 2, official or not, they sound pretty interesting (get ready Hiccstrid fans)

-To Be Heather or Not to Be
-Family on the Edge
-Astrid Astride Hiccup

source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4816058/epi ... p_ep_sn_nx

Take this with a grain of salt, believe what you will :)
Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau!

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Toothless the nightfury
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Deadly Nadder

sounds like a lud of squit to me

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Terrible Terror

My instinct says it's fake, but I so want that "Astrid Astride Hiccup" one to be true.
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Evan Electric Eel III
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Shadow Striker

That 3rd episode name sounds like it was taken from a fic "Soul of A Dragon" except Astrid is hypnotised into believing she is a dragon.
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