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Alfred Molina reveals Viggo
Topic Started: 02 Jan 2016, 20:07 (727 Views)
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Dragon Egg

As the title says, Alfred talks about his roles as villiains, with some new info about our new bad guy
http://comicbook.com/2016/01/02/alfred- ... and-if-he/
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I am... swaggy

Hey! It's Dr. Octopus! :D
I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy seeing this villain more than the others we've had so far.
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Hideous Zippleback

Brothers! That's a possibility I hadn't thought about. It kind of eliminates the need for a partnership with another villain, doesn't it? Viggo and Ryker, between the brains and the muscle, don't need another person to make a well-balanced team.
Really, they have the potential to be an amazing addition to the show.

To the new Viking villains whom this may concern: Please, don't replace Dagur in a completely embarrassing way. He got enough of that in DoB when Alvin picked him up by the shirt collar and he flailed around like a fish in a net...while his sword was still strapped to his back. The Berserker chief has done enough to humiliate himself in RTTE. Be kind when you eliminate him. I would like to have some respect for one of my favorite villains when he exits the show...

The best Secret Odin GIF(t) ever, made for me by DeWhite! Thank you! :D
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mystery dragon, pic drawn by night fury fire. Thank you

Very interesting ^)
Dragons, need I say more.

Hiccup, chief of berc, dragon master.
Toothless, alpha dragon.
You and me bud we can do this, as one.
It's just a zipple misunderstanding
I like a pit, but I love a boar pit.
i am hurt,I am very much hurt.
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Lone Dragon

Very cool, I really am interested to see these new villains and how they play out. It'll also be interesting to see how the actors/characters play off one another since they're supposed to be brothers.
See you in the skies Dragon Rider!

The Dragon Root:Thing what I wrote.

Is Toothless Evil? :Me possibly being crazy, but fun.

The BerkCast The HTTYD podcast, you should listen.
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