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Seashocker+Timberjack Toys
Topic Started: 07 Jan 2016, 03:56 (1006 Views)
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The Skrill of all Skrills...

**Idk where to put this??

So, a few weeks back I saw a Timberjack action dragon, but as of today I have encountered a Seashocker action dragon. The Timberjack has a okay action feature, while the Seashocker's is actually quite cool. Unfortunately both products look of pretty lazy/bad/cheap quality and may not be worth it for someone who simply wants to collect them. The play value however looks decent.

Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau!

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ahmed hany
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Dragon Egg

good maybe the timberjack will appear in season 2

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Dragon Egg

I wish I could find those toys in a store near my place :'(

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Lone Dragon

07 Jan 2016, 16:51
I wish I could find those toys in a store near my place :'(
If you're willing to buy online you might be able to find something on Amazon I know I was able to find the Timberjack on amazon though it looks quite different from the one above.

Timberjack amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Dreamworks-Dragon ... B014JVPK6O

The Seashocker I've only been able to find on Ebay for now though. But if you want a few more images of both the Seashocker and the Timberjack, here's one or two new ones.
Since it's kind of on topic was the Flightmare action dragon ever talked about on the forums?
Flightmare images
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Dunno what to say here.....

Heh, we've had all three of these action dragons released here in Australia, or at least in our home. I own the Flightmare (love her so much) and she was the hardest thing ever to find.... Luna was popular. Lol.

As for the Timberjack, it was in the wave before the Seashocker (who I really kinda want...), which is our current one. :D

I love the action Dragons, and I'm doing my best to collect them. I've got the Scauldron (who was rerelease do for this wave), Boneknapper, Flightmare, Deadly Nadder and Zippleback (rerelease from DoB line)
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The Skrill of all Skrills...

I too am trying to collect them :).

My current collection is as follows:
-Toothless (sheep flinging one)
-Barf & Belch (the original head twisty one)
-Screaming Death
-Whispering Death
-Thunderdrum (purple variant)
-Stormfly (light up mouth)
-Hookfang (wing fling stuff)
-Meatlug (lava ball one)
-Fireworm Queen

I am missing:
-Scauldron (however I don't plan to get)
-Grump (Don't plan to get)
-Timberjack (Kinda want)
-Seashocker (Really want)
-and all those other remade Toothlesses/Stormflies/Hookfangs etc. (don't rly want double :P)

(I also have DoB Hiccup, HtTYD2 Hiccup and Drago, and two mini dragons- Toothless and Barf and Belch)

Yep, those Dragons figures actually take up about 75% of the things I actually own in my room. The rest is just books and just a few old things I used to have.

I am secretly hoping they release a Tuffnut figure with Chicken because that is an instabuy.

**Also, hey I live in Australia too! I was surprised to see the Timberjack hit the shelves so fast in Big W and Kmart. And yes the Flightmare was soooooo hard to find, it was surprising that my uncle saw it in Woolworths...
Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau!

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