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Season 2 Review
Topic Started: 12 Jan 2016, 02:53 (468 Views)
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Dragon Master

I just finished watching Season 2, and I have 3 words. Oh. My. Thor! :blink: The ending especially! My sister was soooo mad. (I was too.)


First of I just wanted to say. BEST. SERIES. EVER! And so dark too. so much action! (Which I love action)

Now about the characters.

Let's talk about Viggo Grimborn. :blink: Creepiest. Villain. Ever! (In the series.) I can't wait to find out what happens next.

Heather: :O I was like "You are so posted to be a good girl! The interview said so!" Then later in the series I was like "Okay Never mind."

Dagur: First off I just wanna say that Dagur is my favorite person in the series. Even when he's super evil. There's nothing else that I wanted to say about him.

Ryker: He's a very interesting man he's not as creepy as Viggo but defiantly still creepy. I mean, how does he track dragons with smell and know what breed it is?!

Now for the actual episodes.

Astrid's Team
: I actully liked that episode for me it was more on the funny side. The way Hiccup was sleeping! :P I think it was defiantly a great comeback episode.

Night of the Hunters Part 1 & 2: Those were defiantly interesting episodes. In the first one. HICCSTRID! <3 (Even though I'm not really a Hiccstrid shipper. Don't hurt me!) And as for the second one I defiantly liked the Hiccup & Snotlout bonding. Even though it's not confirmed that Hiccup & Snotlout are cousins in the franchise.

Bad Moon Rising: That episode was good. Since it was a Tuffnut episode. And then at the end I was like "NO! NOT THE CHICKEN!" But then it was saved and I was happy. ^_^

Snotlout Gets the Axe: That was not really my favorite one but I did like the Armorwing, even though some of you thought it wasn't that cool. I did. ^_^

The Zippleback Experience: LOVED IT! <3 defiantly a funny and great episode (And it happens to be my favorite.) I mean, it's a twins & Hiccup episode, how much better can it get? One of the things I was surprised by, was the Snotlout & Hiccup scene. Seriously. Who knew Hiccup had it in him? Not so much of a Hiccup now, is he? Then another thing was the bag over Hiccup's head. :O I was totally not expecting that. The reason why I loved it so much was that it was funny and it had action.

Snow Way Out: First off 3 Snow Wraiths? I thought there was just one! And The Hiccup & Ryker scene. :O AWESOME! The one thing is why Ryker calls Hiccup. "Hiccup Haddock." The world may never know.

Edge of Disaster Part 1 & 2:
Those weren't my favorite episodes but they were still great. I have nothing else to say but The animation was good and I liked it.

Shock and Awe: For some reason when they first released the episode names I thought this one would be about the Seashocker and I was right! 'Cause we never really got to see them in Httyd 2 and now we finally got to see it! And this Fishlegs episode was defiantly better than the other Fishlegs episode. (You know what I mean.)

A Time to Skrill: The Skrill! Great episode. Loved the fighting scene. And when Ryker shot that arrow at The Skrill/Hiccup. I was like :O But then Toothless jumped in front of him.

Maces & Talons Part 1 & 2: Oh. My. Thor! :O Viggo is by far the creepiest and smartest villain. And I liked how the Dragon Riders didn't win because they win all the time. And when I was listening to Viggo, I couldn't stop thinking about Docter Octo. He plays a great villain he has the perfect voice for a villain. But that cliffhanger. :blink: WHY WOULD YOU HAVE A CLIFF HANGER, DREAMWORKS? WHY? I guess we'll just have to wait for season 3.

And arrows in dragons!? Bags over heads, and being taken away? They have never had that in the last season, or the other seasons. :O So much for lighter and funnier. And I'm not saying I didn't think it was funny, 'cause it deffinetly was.
And as for Hiccstrid. <3 It hasn't inproved a whole lot, but I can tell it's getting there. And that Chicken.

And to quote Doug & Art's interview.

"No spoilers, but what do you both think will be the most game-changing episode of the season?"

Doug: I would say the finale. The finale is huge. We can't really get into it that much, but what we can say is that it's a game-changing moment both for the dragon hunters and the dragon map. There's only so much we can tell you!

Art: It's really fun. The buildup to that two-parter is really cool, and I think they payoff will be well-received. I think people will be really excited about what happens in the next season.
Now I know what they mean.

That's all I have to say about Season 2! Tell me what you think, and what your favorite episodes(s) are! Bye!
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