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Race To The Edge Season 2!
Topic Started: 12 Jan 2016, 18:37 (500 Views)
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FLABSLAB - Fly Like A Butterfly ...

Season 2 was great!

I'm sure most of you have watched the second season of Race to The Edge now, all 13 episodes! Personally i thought it was great :P - Viggo is quite an interesting villain, looks like hiccup has met his match in a sense

What're your thoughts on the new Season - did you guys enjoy it? Any opinions on the story line so far? I'm feeling quite content with how they're filling the plot hole between the first film and the second :)

Have a nice day fellow dragon riders :3
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Dragon Egg

I think that Dragons RTTE may very well be the finest thing ever to be created by human hands. And that's not coming from any bias....ok its coming from bias. heheh

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