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Do you think we can expect more dragons short films?
Topic Started: 18 Jul 2014, 12:30 (3292 Views)
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Note: This is merely my observation and speculation. Give your opinions if you like please!

Ok so for the first film we had "Legend of the boneknapper dragon" and "The book of dragons" and "Gift of a night fury" etc, etc.

Do you think that to keep the hype up dreamworks will release a couple shorts? They are making one book into a short;

So do you think that means that some of the other HTTYD 2 books they released will have a chance at becoming shorts?

Or possibly an extended book of dragons, or a short explaining some of the newly discovered dragons?

Or do you side with the idea that we will just get Dawn of the Dragon Racers, HTTYD 2, and the series until HTTYD 3?
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Night Fury

I think that when they release the Season 3/4 DVDs, they will continue the Dragon-Tracker feature, and this may include some new dragons that have been discovered.
Not really relevant, but it's still speculation... :D
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I would love to see some more shorts, but perhaps not all from the books. I guess I shouldn't be saying this as I haven't read any of them yet, but they seem to be aimed at a much younger audience, and "All About the Dragons" would just be "Book of Dragons" again. But I do love the shorts very much and would like for them to make some more, to maybe fill in some of the time between the movies while also going a little bit deeper than the show likes to go.
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