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Where can I get this Dragons Short Film?
Topic Started: 06 Apr 2015, 17:10 (3106 Views)
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I was looking through my dragons collection, thinking my DVD collection was complete, when I realized something.. I am missing a vital piece of it; one short, which apparently premiered during the olympics. It is called "Dragons: Race for Gold" not to be confused with the new series race to the edge. To describe it, it is a short where the vikings partake in annual holiday sports. I am willing to buy an entire new copy of the movie just to own this short. But upon looking for it, no one seems to have it. Anyone know where I can find it?
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It's on my Australian Blu-Ray, so I'd take a look at the special features for your country's Blu-Ray. I don't have my old DVD copy to hand, but I'm guessing from your original post that it's not on your version, at the very least.

Though having seen the series of shorts, I can safely say that you're not missing much. It pretty clearly doesn't fit into continuity (unless Stoick is secretly an Asgardian or a Space Marine - trust me, you'll see what I mean if you watch it), and is really nothing of note at all.
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They're five adverts rather than a full short. They came out before the first movie came out during the Olympics. You can find them on the DreamWorksTV YouTube channel.

Here's the playlist:
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... 84FCB53195
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How did I miss those? They were pretty funny!
My favorite one has to be the one where Hiccup snowboards. It's so not-cannonical to the film that it's awesome.
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06 Apr 2015, 21:10
thinking my DVD collection was complete
By this, do you mean that you have all the DVDs? Can you post a picture of them? Would love to see it!

Sadly my DVD collection only extends to a recordable DVD with HTTYD taped off the TV! (adverts included!), but some day I would love to have the entire collection!

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Not like every single version of each movie, but I do have all the movies and extras, or so I thought. Here's some pics of my DVD collection. I also have the music on a CD, the booklet that came with the How To Train Your Dragon package, and some toys. (Skrill, hideous zippleback, and the bewilderbeast mini, cloudjumper mini, toothless mini, and a tiny zipple back from an egg that I hatched. Plus the sheep game) I am including the back of one of the DVD's (the deluxe How to Train Your Dragon DVD) as thats where some of the shorts are on.

How To Train Your Dragon Deluxe DVD and Blu Ray Version - Front

How To Train Your Dragon Deluxe DVD - Back
Includes Book of Dragons, Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon, How to Find Your Dragon, and Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular

How To Train Your Dragon DVD/Blu Ray Combo + Digital HD + Sheep Toss Game
Includes HTTYD 2 in High Definition and Standard Definition + the movie on Google Play so I can watch it on my tablet, computer, etc.
It also includes these extras:
Dawn of the Dragon Racers, Hiccups Inventions in Flight, Berks Dragon World, Drago's War Machines, Fishlegs Dragon Stats, Deleted Scenes, Commentary by Simon Otto & Bonnie Arnold & Dean Deblois & Pierre Olivier-Vincent, Where No One Goes - The Making of How To Train Your Dragon 2, Gallery, World of Dreamworks Animation

Riders of Berk Parts 1 & 2 DVDs

Defenders of Berk Parts 1 & 2 DVDs

Gift of the Night Fury DVD

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Well, I bought Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon on a separate dvd, and it included Racing for the Gold as a bonus feature.
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Wow, that's quite the impressive collection. ;)
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Awesome Secret Odin 2019 GIFt set from Inhonoredglory. Thanks a ton! :-D
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