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More books!
Topic Started: 28 Sep 2016, 23:23 (1539 Views)
Heather the Berserker
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So many fandoms, so little sanity...

OMT!!!!!!!!!!! More books?!?! :blink: :O ^_^ :D <3 :) <3 :hiccup: :stoick: :astrid: :snotlout: :potato:
Btw in case you didn't see this yet:

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Lone Dragon

I say this a lot, but more dragons is never a bad thing. Not sure what she'll do with it or where she'll go considering the ending, but no complaints here.
See you in the skies Dragon Rider!

The Dragon Root:Thing what I wrote.

Is Toothless Evil? :Me possibly being crazy, but fun.

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*screams in very high pitch*
'There Were Dragons When I Was A Boy…'

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