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Forumvine Birthday Celebrations!; Happy 5th Birthday, Forumvine!
Topic Started: 09 Apr 2019, 12:34 (1062 Views)
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Archivist of Berk

Happy 5th Birthday, Forumvine!

It was five years ago that IcelandicEel announced 'the mysterious "Forum" link that has appeared at the top of Berk's Grapevine' and the forum was opened up for public registration and use.

Since then, we've had some crazy times, with:
  • The dizzying activity of the first few months
  • Some amazing discussions among fans, super fans, and even DreamWorks employees!
  • The mysterious downtime for a couple of months during late 2015, and then the migration of the forums last year
  • The making of friendships that led to real life meetups, for both HTTYD2 and HTTYD3
  • And much much more!

To celebrate these 5 years of dragons, I've organised some games (with prizes) for everyone to play in the next few days. These games will only be around for the new few days, so make sure you play them for a chance to win!

Forumvine Dragon Egg Hunt

Fiendish HTTYD Quiz

Guess the Number of Words

Happy Birthday, Forumvine! Here's to another 5 years!
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Happy birthday to the Fourmvine!
Even though I'm not here as much as I used to be, I owe a lot to this forum and I'll never forget this place!
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Light Fury
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Cape Starling

09 Apr 2019, 14:59
Happy birthday to the Fourmvine!
Even though I'm not here as much as I used to be, I owe a lot to this forum and I'll never forget this place!
Welcome back! I assume you got the email hictooth sent out? I've been seeing a lot of your posts from ages ago!

Brother in arms of the forgotten disaster branch, Saturn Starlings.
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Dragonrider's Fury
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Even though I was very late to the scene, and haven't even been here a year, I still love this place! :D Here's hoping it continues to exist for at least another 30 years!! :)
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Dragon Egg

Happy birthday Fourmvine!
Though I'm not much of forums this days I'll try to came more often :P
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Wow, I can't believe it's been almost 4 years since I've signed up here, with an astounding 0.0145 posts per day!
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Trying to hatch from the egg

Wooh, happy 5th anniversary Forumvine!

Pretty cool that the forumvine exists over half the time the franchise has been public!

also I'm going to be awful at the quiz but hey I can try
I am Iantje

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twelve days north of hopeless

Happy birthday to the forums!! Crazy how long it's been and thank you to everyone who's kept it up all these years. <3
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I have been here an embarrassingly long time

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Happy Fifth Birthday to the Forumvine! (Even if I've been here less than a year :P )
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