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Thank You Everyone!
Topic Started: 08 Sep 2019, 14:57 (1247 Views)
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Hey everyone.

You've possibly been watching, like me, the forums slowly decrease in terms of active users, and number of posts. I've been less active too, and while it is a shame to see regularly no posts in a day, all good things have to come to an end.

The forums have been an amazing place - they got me and countless others into the fandom, used up many many hours of my time, and contain a wealth of dragon knowledge that probably isn't found on any other website. However, people move on to different interests, and the internet has also moved on - forums have been slowly dying out in favour of Facebook, Discord and other apps. I'll admit that Discord has slowly won me over as a general place for a community to reside (although I still prefer forums for other things!).

I'll also admit I've been a rather terrible mod of them the last 6 months or so. I'd like to think I've been a good admin - hopefully you've not experienced any periods of downtime - but in terms of moderating posts, I've been rather poor at that. I was considering adding extra mods a while ago, but now that we regularly get no posts a day, I don't think there's much point.

So what's happening then? No, I'm not taking down the forums, or even making it read only. I'd like to think people can still newly discover HTTYD, and the forum can be a place for them to browse around and maybe even comment on. And I'm strongly against deleting anything - which is why I worked so hard last year to migrate everything perfectly.

But what I would like to is invite you all to a HTTYD Discord. This isn't the Grapevine Discord that NightFury2001 runs, it's one started a few years ago for Tumblr people, and is (in my opinion) the friendliest, most active, most httyd-focused Discord server there is right now. It's invite only, but you're all welcome there - just DM me on Discord hictooth#7836 and I'll tell you who to contact in order to get an invite. I'd love to see as many of you as possible on there! You don't have to of course - as I said before the Forum and Dragon Chat are still going to remain here, but the Discord has more people on it, and so there are often more dragon-antics there.

And lastly, I'd like to say some thanks. Firstly to @IcelandicEel for first starting these forums, and secondly to the bunch of original moderators who carried the site through the first couple of years of it's life. I don't think any of them are active any more, but thanks for starting it! Also to @DragonridersFury for being so diligent about reporting spam and helping test parts of the new forum!

And lastly to all of you who are still here, more than 5 years after the forums opened, and 9 since the first film came out. You've all made the forum the first place I check when waking up, and the last place I look at before going to bed.

Thank you for everything, you awesome reptiles.

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Dragonrider's Fury
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I said it on the Dragon Chat, and I'll say it here, too.
That was unexpected. I know, it's really kinda sad to see so little forum activity. Also, I can confirm you've been a great admin. :)
Thanks for the invitation to the Discord, although I think I honestly prefer forums. I may take you up on that. ^_^
That shoutout was very unexpected, but you're very welcome. I was just doing my duty as a member of the forum.

You're welcome for everything, you awesome Alpha! Also, can I just say, I love how that line of thanks could be taken as an insult by someone not familiar with HTTYD. :P

I plan to stay here until this place no longer exists. 8)
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There were dragons, when I was a boy...

So long, and thanks for all the fish!
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