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Getting HTTYD 2 DVD Display Stands in America
Topic Started: 21 Nov 2014, 01:48 (739 Views)
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Dragon Egg

Hi all.

I just wanted to tell all of you in America at least that those attractive freestanding HTTYD 2 DVD display stands you've probably bought your disc from can be had, free for the asking when stores are done with them . . . which is basically now through the next week or so, depending on the store.

I missed my first chance when one stand was withdrawn from my local grocery store, but managed to get one in a neighboring county. These stands make great places to shelve DVDs (which is what they were made for), as well as other HTTYD collectibles. If you’re interested in one, just ask an electronics department clerk if the display would be available once they're done with it. Once I found one in a neighboring county, I just left my contact info, and the department manager called me the very next morning, inviting me to come pick it up.

The trick is, you must ask before the stores withdraw them (learned that with my first attempt.) I just think it's a shame that these displays are just recycled as cardboard when we who appreciate them could continue to enjoy them.

So I just thought I’d give you all a heads up to act fast if you want one. I'm enjoying a 34-inch wide Toothless looking at me from atop a roughly five foot tall stand (six if you include him) right now at home. Hope you can, too, if you want!
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